I Didn’t Expect An AI To Make Fake Pokémon This Good

Image: Replicate / Lambda Labs / Kotaku Art generated by AI is proving a very contentious issue, raising enormous amounts of concern among artists about their potential replacement by machine learning, let alone the ethical questions about whether an algorithm studying thousands of other people’s creations is fair to the original creators. But put all … Read more

Destiny 2 Gives Up On New Challenge, Tacitly Admitting There’s A Much Bigger Problem

Image: Bungie Destiny 2’s Season of Plunder has been a surprisingly enjoyable romp through space pirate fantasy so far, but it hasn’t been without its issues. The biggest one yet materialized this week when a new story quest required players to kill 50 champions before they could progress. Bungie decided to auto-complete the challenge for … Read more

Destiny 2 Cheat Developer Claims Bungie Hacked Them In New Lawsuit

Image: Bungie It’s been a wild week for hackers making off with video game studios’ private files and using publishers’ services for their own gain. But this time, it’s a major studio accused of doing the hacking. A group of Destiny 2 cheat makers are suing Bungie for hacking into one of their computers. They … Read more

Enormous Diablo IV Leak Shows Almost 45 Minutes Of Dungeon Crawling Footage

Illustration: Activision Blizzard It was quite the weekend for major game leaks. As well as the first ever footage from a very unfinished GTA 6 being plastered all across the internet midway through September, Sunday the 18th also saw a full 43 minutes of the unfinished Diablo IV get uploaded. Footage from the ongoing friends … Read more

Is This Destiny 2 Exotic Really Worth $100?

Quicksilver Storm is an exotic auto rifle available to certain Lightfall pre-orders.Image: Bungie Bungie’s loot-shooter Destiny 2 will grow once more come February 28, the day its anticipated new Lightfall expansion is slated to launch. But with the “Deluxe” edition launching at the heady price of $100, one naturally wonders if any of the bundled … Read more

Suikoden Fans! It’s Back! Suikoden I and II Remasters Due Next Year

Screenshot: Konami The long-term silence on the Suikoden games has mystified us, you, everyone, for over a decade. But Konami moves in mysterious ways, and last night at the Tokyo Game Show, the company knocked everyone off their chairs by surprise-announcing remasters of the first two games, due next year. It’s been ten years since … Read more

Fans Blast Tales Of Symphonia Remaster For Being A Downgrade

Screenshot: Bandai Namco Tales fans rejoiced earlier this week when Bandai Namco announced that one of the best entries in the long-running JRPG series would come to Nintendo Switch, and other modern platforms, by way of a remaster. Now they’re having second thoughts. The publisher has since made it clear that the new and improved … Read more