Warner Bros. Really Wants You To Know That Gotham Knights Will Look Great On PC

Gif: Warner Bros. / Kotaku Warner Bros. just released a new trailer to tell you how beautiful Gotham Knights will be on your PC, as if to reassure everyone that this time, it’s getting the PC version right. Back in 2015, the publisher’s PC port of Batman: Arkham Knight was so famously bad that it … Read more

Report: 17-Year-Old Arrested On Suspicion Of Being Hacker Behind GTA VI Leak

Image: Rockstar Games Today, London City Police announced they had arrested a 17-year-old from Oxfordshire Thursday evening. While the police have yet to confirm why, it’s been reported that the teen was arrested in connection with the recent Uber and Grand Theft Auto VI leaks. The suspect remains in City Police custody at this time. … Read more

Rockstar Locks Social Media Comments In Wake Of GTA VI Leak Spread

Grand Theft Auto V artworkImage: Rockstar Games In the days following this week’s massive Grand Theft Auto VI leaks, investigations have revealed more information about the party behind the hack. Rather than a single individual, it appears that at least two people—possibly connected to a larger hacker group—were behind the weekend’s huge breach. And while … Read more

Nvidia CEO Makes It Clear That High PC Graphics Card Prices Are Here To Stay

Photo: Nvidia If your sticker shock from Nvidia’s reveal of astronomical prices for its new 4000-series graphics cards yesterday gave you disadvantage on perception checks, I bring bad news: It’s not likely to get any better, at least as far as Nvidia is concerned. It seems team green is sticking to those sky-high prices for … Read more

Nvidia’s New 4000-Series PC Graphics Cards Are Too Damn Expensive

Image: Nvidia / Kotaku Today, after many months of leaks, rumors, and speculation, Nvidia finally officially revealed its next generation of graphics cards, the RTX 4000 series. While new graphics upgrades are welcome—the RTX 3000 series is now over two years old—Nvidia’s decision to charge massive premiums for the new-generation GPUs, as well as engage … Read more

EVGA, Popular Graphics Card Maker, Parts Ways With Nvidia In Messy Breakup

Times have been tough.Image: Kotaku / San Francisco Chronicle / Hearst Newspapers (Getty Images) And now for something that no one saw coming: EVGA, one of the most prominent third-party PC graphics card manufacturers, and a favorite brand among PC gamers for quality parts and reliable warranties backed by solid customer service, is terminating its … Read more