Sorry Y’all, Dead Island 2 Weapon Breaking Isn’t Going Anywhere

Pretty sure this zombie hunk’s gonna break my weapon.Screenshot: Dambuster Studios Not gonna lie: I think weapon durability sucks. For all its supposed realism, I find the mechanic cumbersome and needlessly complicating. So you can imagine I haven’t been too keen to hear that Dambuster Studios just made extensive comments defending the mechanic’s presence in … Read more

Madden’s Regular Weekly Content Might Be Delayed By Hurricane Ian

Screenshot: EA If you were hoping for more Madden 23 content as part of the game’s weekly schedule, you might be waiting a little longer. With Florida currently experiencing horrid complications due to the rapidly approaching Hurricane Ian, developer EA Tiburon announced that this week’s Madden drops are “subject to change.” Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), … Read more

T-Pain Tells Awful Apex Legends Players To Touch Grass, Stop Harassing Developers

Message. Screenshot: Paradox Interactive / Kotaku It’s not often that a rapper goes to bat for a video game developer after a disgruntled fan base enacts gross harassment, but not all rappers are built like T-Pain. In a recent Tweet, the autotune wordsmith issued a statement in solidarity with Respawn, the developers behind the popular … Read more

Warner Bros. Really Wants You To Know That Gotham Knights Will Look Great On PC

Gif: Warner Bros. / Kotaku Warner Bros. just released a new trailer to tell you how beautiful Gotham Knights will be on your PC, as if to reassure everyone that this time, it’s getting the PC version right. Back in 2015, the publisher’s PC port of Batman: Arkham Knight was so famously bad that it … Read more