Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Was So Successful, Gearbox Is Turning It Into A Franchise

Image: Gearbox / 2K Games Released earlier this year, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has proven to be a big success for Gearbox and 2K. In fact, it did so well that Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford confirmed that the Borderlands spin-off is now the start of a brand new franchise, with more Wonderlands content to come in … Read more

Rockstar Locks Social Media Comments In Wake Of GTA VI Leak Spread

Grand Theft Auto V artworkImage: Rockstar Games In the days following this week’s massive Grand Theft Auto VI leaks, investigations have revealed more information about the party behind the hack. Rather than a single individual, it appears that at least two people—possibly connected to a larger hacker group—were behind the weekend’s huge breach. And while … Read more

GTA VI’s Vice City Is Already Being Mapped Using MS Paint, Google Earth, And Math

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Definitive EditionImage: Rockstar Games / Kotaku / Bardocz Peter (Shutterstock) Previously this week, early development footage of the next Grand Theft Auto game, assumed to be Grand Theft Auto VI, leaked all over the internet. You probably already know about all that. Since then, it’s become harder to find the … Read more

Saints Row CEO Sounds Kinda Disappointed About New Reboot’s Sales

Image: Deep Silver While digital and physical sales of the Saints Row reboot hit a strong second place in both American and European markets, the open-world crime sim was denied first place by Madden NFL 23 and Grand Theft Auto V, respectively. While second place isn’t bad, the Saints Row reboot has actually been a … Read more

The Best Details Hiding In The GTA VI Leak

Image: Rockstar Games Well, one of the biggest video game leaks in history happened over the weekend. I probably don’t need to tell you, but yes, in case you missed it: Early footage of the next Grand Theft Auto, assumed by many to be GTA VI, leaked all over the internet yesterday. Today, Rockstar has … Read more

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Achievements Are Surprisingly Intense

Image: Disney / Gameloft / Xbox / Kotaku What should one have to do to earn an award? How much work should one have to complete before receiving an achievement? These are questions without answers. But according to the devs behind Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to catch nearly 2000 fish and harvest over 4000 … Read more

Halo Infinite Fans Believe Forge Is The Game’s Final Hope

Image: 343 Industries Last week, the multiplayer shooter Halo Infinite, which makes headlines more often for its stumbles than its successes, suffered its biggest PR blow to date: Couch co-op, a feature first flaunted half a decade ago, wouldn’t come out as intended. It wasn’t delayed, as with most of the planned features for Halo … Read more