Steam Has New Sales & Popularity Charts, And They’re Great

Image: Valve People like to buy games from and play games in Steam, but anyone interested in really poking around the site (like us, it’s our job) has two things they want to know: which games are selling the most copies, and which games are being played the most. Valve’s new “Steam Charts” page puts … Read more

Oh No, Valve Built A Steam Deck For Giants

Image: Valve / Kotaku The Tokyo Game Show begins tomorrow, just as Valve is on the cusp of launching its wildly successful Steam Deck in Asian markets. What better way to flex than by building a super-enormous version of the portable PC to loom large over the show floor? While Valve’s new wunderkind of a … Read more

Steam Deck May Be The Best Way To Play Disney Dreamlight Valley (With Some Tweaks)

Image: Valve / Disney/ Gameloft / Kotaku The recently released multiplatform life-sim, Dreamlight Valley, is a bit Animal Crossing, a bit Stardew Valley, and a whole lot of Disney. It’s also the kind of game you might want to play while watching a TV show, multitasking with a handheld console. But while it did come … Read more

Steam Bans Scammers After Dev Reveals Potential Shady Game Reselling

Image: Valve / Kotaku Earlier this week, a developer’s Twitter thread about shady Steam curators who potentially lie to get free game codes went viral. In the thread, using a bit of a sting-like operation to support his suspicions, the dev theorized that these shady curators take game keys and sell them instead of using … Read more

Steam Pulls Game After Dev Goes On Transphobic Rant Against Keffals

Screenshot: Dolphin Barn Incorporated Well, well, well. If it isn’t the consequences of an asshole’s own actions. On August 31, the developer behind the gladiator game Domina posted patch notes that included a transphobic screed attacking trans streamer Clara “Keffals” Sorrenti. Yesterday evening, some Twitter users discovered that Domina had been removed from Steam, with … Read more

Game Dev Uses Steam To Yell About Keffals And Be Transphobic For Some Reason

Screenshot: Dolphin Barn Incorporated / Steam Domina, a small indie game on Steam about managing gladiators has recently begun trending online, but not because it’s a really good game or it just got a cool update or anything like that. No, instead, the developer behind the game has included a wild and shitty rant about … Read more