Destiny 2 Gives Up On New Challenge, Tacitly Admitting There’s A Much Bigger Problem

Image: Bungie Destiny 2’s Season of Plunder has been a surprisingly enjoyable romp through space pirate fantasy so far, but it hasn’t been without its issues. The biggest one yet materialized this week when a new story quest required players to kill 50 champions before they could progress. Bungie decided to auto-complete the challenge for … Read more

Destiny 2 Cheat Developer Claims Bungie Hacked Them In New Lawsuit

Image: Bungie It’s been a wild week for hackers making off with video game studios’ private files and using publishers’ services for their own gain. But this time, it’s a major studio accused of doing the hacking. A group of Destiny 2 cheat makers are suing Bungie for hacking into one of their computers. They … Read more

Is This Destiny 2 Exotic Really Worth $100?

Quicksilver Storm is an exotic auto rifle available to certain Lightfall pre-orders.Image: Bungie Bungie’s loot-shooter Destiny 2 will grow once more come February 28, the day its anticipated new Lightfall expansion is slated to launch. But with the “Deluxe” edition launching at the heady price of $100, one naturally wonders if any of the bundled … Read more

Destiny 2 Players Are Losing It Over Stealth Change That Feels Harsh

Screenshot: Bungie / Kotaku Destiny 2’s Crucible has seen better days. Rarely does it seem like the PVP offerings please anyone. Hardcore players complain about gun balance, while newcomers are quickly thrashed and resign themselves to never coming back. But today many players are united in being pissed off about the latest change to the … Read more

Head Of Halo Infinite Studio Is The Latest To Leave

Photo: Mark Ralston (Getty Images) For as long as 343 Industries has existed, Bonnie Ross has been in charge of it. No longer. The Microsoft veteran announced on Monday that she would leave the studio in charge of Halo Infinite to deal with a family medical issue. It’s the latest high-profile departure on a pivotal … Read more

Halo Infinite Fans Believe Forge Is The Game’s Final Hope

Image: 343 Industries Last week, the multiplayer shooter Halo Infinite, which makes headlines more often for its stumbles than its successes, suffered its biggest PR blow to date: Couch co-op, a feature first flaunted half a decade ago, wouldn’t come out as intended. It wasn’t delayed, as with most of the planned features for Halo … Read more

Microsoft Lets Sony Have ‘Several More Years’ Of Call Of Duty, As A Treat

Sony gets “several more years” of joint custody over Call of Duty with Microsoft.Photo: Activision / Kotaku / Barone Firenze (Shutterstock) (Shutterstock) Good news PlayStation Call of Duty players: Microsoft says you get to have “several more years” of playing the shoot-bang game on your Sony console. According to The Verge, earlier this year Microsoft’s … Read more