Congressman Under Investigation For ‘Sex Trafficking’ Caps Off Twitch’s Worst Week Ever

Photo: Joe Raedle (Getty Images) First Amazon-owned Twitch was ravaged by a major gambling scandal. Then it revealed a new, worse revenue split for creators because it had to charge itself too much for servers. Next Bloomberg reported that the platform has a major problem when it comes to potential predators using it to target … Read more

Top Twitch Streamer Mizkif Suspended From Gaming Org For Alleged Sexual Assault ‘Cover Up’

As if Twitch wasn’t in the news enough already, the platform is again making new headlines, following yesterday’s successful campaign by top broadcasters to ban gambling from the livestreaming service. However, instead of money problems, we’re dealing with issues of sexual assault and harassment, as personalities like Maya and Mizkif have been accused of encouraging … Read more

AI-Generated Games Are Starting To Appear On Steam (And It’s Not Going Well)

Screenshot: Cute Pen Games It was bound to happen. AI-generated art pieces are popping up in competitions, despite much controversy, and they’re likely already flooding your social media feeds in some way or form. The big promise behind the ability to generate detailed images with just a few prompts and clicks, after all, is the … Read more

Xbox’s Matt Booty Dreams About Using AI To Do QA Testing

Image: Kilito Chan (Getty Images) Head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty, has once more, so very appropriately, stuck his foot in his ass. This weekend at PAX, he proudly declared to a live audience how much he’d like to see QA work performed by AI. QA, the unseen armies of people who forensically playtest … Read more