The Internet’s Biggest Overwatch 2 Questions, Answered

This represents my relationship with the internet.Image: Blizzard I’m not necessarily looking forward to Overwatch 2, Activision Blizzard’s follow-up and replacement to its team-based 2016 shooter. PC Gamer reported this week that the series’ lead hero designers, Geoff Goodman, who had helped shape the series from its incubation period six years ago, recently left Blizzard. … Read more

Enormous Diablo IV Leak Shows Almost 45 Minutes Of Dungeon Crawling Footage

Illustration: Activision Blizzard It was quite the weekend for major game leaks. As well as the first ever footage from a very unfinished GTA 6 being plastered all across the internet midway through September, Sunday the 18th also saw a full 43 minutes of the unfinished Diablo IV get uploaded. Footage from the ongoing friends … Read more

Xbox Boss Commits To Current Console Prices, And Buying More Studios

Photo: JUNG YEON-JE / Kotaku (Getty Images) Sony turned a few heads when it unexpectedly hiked prices on the PlayStation 5 in the second year of the current generation of consoles. Naturally, many wondered if the same complicated economic situations we all find ourselves in would see a spike in Xbox prices as well. In … Read more

PlayStation Boss Calls Out Microsoft Over ‘Inadequate’ Call Of Duty Deal

Photo: Activision / Kotaku / Barone Firenze (Shutterstock) The console war custody battle over Call of Duty has taken an unlikely turn. In an industry notorious for secrecy and backroom deals, two of the biggest executives in gaming are hashing it out in public. A week after Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer said Activision’s hit … Read more

Tencent Bets $297 Million On Assassin’s Creed Machine

Image: Ubisoft Tencent has dumped another small fortune into one of gaming’s biggest companies. Ubisoft announced on Tuesday that the Chinese conglomerate would being increasing its investment in the Assassins’ Creed maker by nearly $300 million through an elaborate set of financial maneuvers. Namely, rather than buy up shares of Ubisoft directly, Tencent is buying … Read more

Xbox’s Matt Booty Dreams About Using AI To Do QA Testing

Image: Kilito Chan (Getty Images) Head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty, has once more, so very appropriately, stuck his foot in his ass. This weekend at PAX, he proudly declared to a live audience how much he’d like to see QA work performed by AI. QA, the unseen armies of people who forensically playtest … Read more

Microsoft Lets Sony Have ‘Several More Years’ Of Call Of Duty, As A Treat

Sony gets “several more years” of joint custody over Call of Duty with Microsoft.Photo: Activision / Kotaku / Barone Firenze (Shutterstock) (Shutterstock) Good news PlayStation Call of Duty players: Microsoft says you get to have “several more years” of playing the shoot-bang game on your Sony console. According to The Verge, earlier this year Microsoft’s … Read more