Subnautica developer announces new turn-based tabletop tactics game, Moonbreaker

Gamescom Opening Night Live boasted a bunch of announcements, but only a few were as impressive as Moonbreaker. Published by KRAFTON, INC and developed by the creators of Subnautica, Unknown Worlds, the new turn-based, tabletop tactics game is set in a sci-fi universe lovingly crafted by Brandon Sanderson.

Here’s Moonbreaker in all of its glory, and look just how satisfying it seems to paint these miniatures digitally!

It certainly looks a little different from the deep-sea survival title that is Subnautica, but the same vibrance and charm that many are familiar with has made it way into Moonbreaker, too. Aimed at fans of tabletop and card games, Moonbreaker is designed to bring the fun of a physical miniatures game into a digital space, without the real-world limitations that players may encounter.

As players battle across this original sci-fi world, they’ll create Rosters of Captains, Crews, and Assists for their turn-based tactics, they’ll also be able to express themselves freely through the customisation of their unit. The tabletop title promises constantly evolving painting tools and a unique tabletop experience that’s easily approachable.

Charlie Cleveland, co-founder and director at Unknown Worlds, shares that “Moonbreaker was born out of a natural passion for tabletop gaming many of us share at Unknown Worlds.” They continue, “Our aim with the game is to reduce the traditional barriers associated with tabletop gaming and miniatures while retaining the hobbyist appeal that makes that genre so special. After several years in development, we’re thrilled to officially reveal Moonbreaker and look forward to working with the community to evolve the game while it’s in Early Access.”

A gameplay screenshot from upocming turn-based, tabletop strategy game, Moonbreaker
Here’s the board in Moonbreaker, and it could be full of your digitally hand-painted miniatures soon.

Head of Americas Business Division at KRAFTON, Inc – Mike Silbowitz – expands on that, “With Moonbreaker, we are offering a wholly unique gaming experience that combines the depth of traditional tabletop gaming with the convenience of modern video game technology. Our partners at Unknown Worlds have a strong history of taking bold creative swings based on their success with the Subnautica and Natural Selection series, and we expect Moonbreaker to continue this tradition. The game’s launch into Early Access is just the beginning as we are thrilled to support it through ongoing seasons and content updates.”

Those who are keen to know more about Moonbreaker will be glad to know that audio dramas will be released closer to the game’s launch on Early Access, allowing you to get to know its characters.

Moonbreaker arrives to both PC and Mac devices via Steam Early Access on September 29, 2022. However, a Steam Playtest will be happening sooner than that. There are no further details on this just yet, but you can keep up to date with all Moonbreaker updates via its website.

That wasn’t all to be unveiled at Gamescom Opening Night Live, either. We saw Dead Island 2 finally rerevealed, Tales from the Borderlands is receiving a sequel, and Dune will even be in receipt of its own MMORPG title.

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