Street Fighter 6 brings back car smashing minigame in new Tokyo Game Show trailer

A hot new trailer for Street Fighter 6 was just dropped during Capcom’s Tokyo Game Show live stream, giving us a look at several returning world warriors, the battle hub, character creation in the single player mode, and the return of good ol’ fashioned car vandalism.

You can watch the trailer embedded below, which goes through each of the significant reveals in detail. As far as an update on Capcom’s next big fighter goes, this is a massive drop. However, with Ken looking a bit more grizzled rather than depressed, it does put the homeless Ken theories on a knives’ edge.

You can watch the slick new character and battle hub trailer here!

Let’s start with the characters. Blanka, Honda, Dhalsim and Ken were all revealed briefly in the trailer, with a quick montage of some of their special moves, supers, and presence in the story mode hastily presented to us in Street Fighter 6’s flashy hip-hop inspired style. It’s hard to tell, but a mix of recognisable moves as well as a few new ones can be seen, which is obviously good news for series veterans.

In addition, we get a decent look at a robust character creator which appears to let us create all manner or weird and wacky avatars, with a variety of normal and distinctly Street Fighter features (including some of that Akuma dark Hado for all of you anti-heroes out there). With this freak of nature created, you can then go out into the world, take on NPCS and train with the series’ main characters.

A selection of fun minigames and fight modifiers appear to be available too. We see players bounce bombs between eachother, fight with bulls charging them, and get electricuted while taking on challengers. There’s also the return of the classic car destruction minigame, which is teased at the end as Scrap Heap. As such, we’re starting to see a lot of that more casual, quickly enjoyable content that a portion of the fan base has been asking about for years.

Finally, we are able to experience the battle hub multiplayer mode vicariously through the trailer, seeing a player sit down at arcade cabs, challenge other players, and even enter tournaments that other real life people can sit down and watch. This is obviously meant to invoke a real-life event, albeit without the smell, the heat, and me Connor the writer asking if there are any hotel sets going after the venue.

All in all it was an absolutely stacked reveal for Street Fighter. The returning characters we saw all look brilliant (even if Blanka looks a bit weird aged up). In addition, it’s great to see the single player component actually have some meat to it, rather than a bland empty open world, even in this early stage. All in all, it has us keen to get in and start smashing cars again.

But what did you think? Do you like the look of Street Fighter 6 with this new trailer? If so, let us know, and check out our coverage of the previous Juri and Kimberly trailer here if you missed it!

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