Skull and Bones trailers outline ship customization, the world, pirate lairs, and weapons

At Ubisoft Forward, the company revealed two new trailers for Skull and Bones.

The trailers go over ship customization and take a glimpse at some of the formidable weaponry you will use to secure your loot. The other goes over the bloody race between corporations and pirates to control the Indian Ocean.

During the showcase, the Skull and Bones team also revealed a bit more about smuggling networks. These become available to you once you’ve earned enough infamy and unlocked your pirate lair, known as The Helm. This will be the base of your smuggling operations.

This is where you will create high-value goods such as Opium and Rum before selling your wares. You will also then be able to choose your own contracts.

Along with showing a video of ship customization, the team discussed the various ways in which you can make your ship your very own. Each ship type is tuned to playstyles such as maneuverability, power, and cargo capacity. Some even have advantages such as weapon power, and some can be fitted with different weapons, ammo, armor, furniture, and cosmetic items.

When it comes to arming your ship, you can also suit it to your playstyle. You may want to sink enemy vessels, or you may wish to just disable ships for easy boarding. There will be a large variety of weapons to choose from ranging from cannons and ballistae, to mortars and torpedoes.

Weapons also have an armor type that can counter it, so you will want to respond to your enemy’s ship with a weapon that can destroy it.

Skull and Bones releases November 8 on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation5, Stadia, Amazon Luna, and PC through the Epic Games Store and the Ubisoft Store.

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