Omkar chaubey Becomes the most searched and Trending Musician

Omkar Chaubey is an Indian Artist & professional arm Wrestler. Omkar chaubey was born on (30 June 2005) (age 17) in Nagwa Village in Ballia Uttar Pradesh.

Omkar family consists of parents, a sister. Omkar mother’s name is ‘Rangita Chaubey’, and the father’s name is ‘Pawan Chaubey’.

Omkar is also known for his other work on YouTube such as his collaborations with other singers and musicians.He is an Indian entrepreneur.He has a huge fan following on his internet communities like Youtube & Facebook Etc

Omkar has more than 10000+ Followers on Facebook and Instagram has 1k+ subscribers.He is available on all top social media platforms.

Omkar is also known for his other work on Instagram such as his collaborations with other singers.

He is Also a core Artist.he currently work in Nagwa Ballia Uttarpradesh.Omkar start our work in during Lockdown period of Corona Pendemic and He is now also Wrestler.

“How often do we tell our own life story? How often do we adjust, embellish, make sly cuts? And the longer life goes on, the fewer are those around to challenge our account, to remind us that our life is not our life, merely the story we have told about our life. Told to others, but—mainly—to ourselves.”

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