MultiVersus’ latest patch adds in Gizmo, and swaps out Velma’s cop car for the Mystery Machine

The latest patch for MultiVersus is here, bringing along a reworked hitbox and hurtbox, swapping out Velma calling a police car for the Mystery Machine, and adds in Gizmo.

Multiverse patch 1.02 is here, and has some pretty big changes for the game, the biggest being the hitbox/ hurtbox overhaul. Before the update, character’s hurtboxes were just a single, bean-like shape, more of a one-size-fits-all kind of situation. Now though, hurtboxes wrap around each character individually, which should make the action a bit tighter.

The latest update also brings in a brand-new character, Gizmo, the kind-hearted Mogwai from the best Christmas movie around, Gremlins. Gizmo is a support character that can help teammates absorb incoming damage. His classic pink car can be used as a projectile to shoot enemies from afar, and can use an umbrella to either float to safety or ram into his opponents.

Numerous characters also received a variety of buffs and nerfs, as any patch in a fighting game will do, but Velma has probably received one of the most specific changes. Previously, one of her moves saw her calling the police to take people away, but now it’s been replaced by the Mystery Machine.

A particular reason wasn’t given for the change, but considering Velma could literally do so against a real-life Black man, LeBron James, it becomes pretty clear pretty quickly as to why it has taken place.

Other updates included a change to the projectile system, which “standardized opposing projectiles to always clank, destroying both projectiles,” as well as a few other changes.

Gizmo isn’t the only Gremlins character coming to the game, as Stripe, as well as DC’s Black Adam, are also planned to join the roster as part of the game’s first season, who will also join the first character to arrive in the season, Rick and Morty’s Morty.

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