Layers of Fears shares Gamescom trailer, revealing a ‘new story chapter’

Bloober Team is back with yet another spine-tingling trainer for the upcoming psychological horror game, Layers of Fears. The game was first announced back in June, but we know a lot more about what to expect when it releases in early 2023.

Bloober Team are certainly no stranger to the genre, having already developed The Medium and Blair Witch, and this time around, the team is developing the Layers of Fear sequel alongside Anshar Studios.

Catch the trailer for Layers of Fears, and the next story chapter, The Final Note, right here.

Layers of Fears is not a direct sequel to 2016’s Layers of Fear or even 2019’s Layers of Fear 2. Instead, the new game will be remastering the two titles and DLC to combine them into a single, scary reimagination of the series with new, additional plot lines and Unreal Engine 5 technology.

The brand-new trailer shown off at Gamescom can be watched above, and while it certainly sets the scene and atmosphere, we don’t get any more insight into how the two predecessing games may actually be intertwined. That said, the psychedelic visuals and cinematic scoring that we’re used to from these games is there, and they’re stronger than ever in UE5.

Previously, Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno shared in a press release that “Our plan was to recreate the games, but we didn’t want to make it a simple collection of two remastered games. We’ve worked out a new approach, something that is maybe not yet obvious. But I can tell you there’s a reason why we called it Layers of Fears.”

So, it doesn’t appear as though Layers of Fears will consist of a straight-up remaster of the original games. The trailer does also give us our first glimpse at ‘The Final Note’, which is to be Layers of Fears “new story chapter” that let’s us take on the role of The Painter’s Wife from the original Layers of Fear game.

All in all, it looks as though this reimagining of the series looks to round up the best parts of the games and evolve them into something bigger, better, and with new light shed on the overarching story of these games.

Frankly, I’m quite excited to see what Bloober Team have done with Layers of Fears, especially considering that the rumours surrounding a Silent Hill game from the team have been swept under the rug. What do you think of this upcoming horror experience?

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