Nintendo gives us a nice long look at Stardew Valley meets Final Fantasy game Harvestella

Square Enix’s upcoming farming-sim X action game Harvestella was shown off in the latest Nintendo: Treehouse Live.

If you’re part of the venn diagram of fans that sits in between Stardew Valley and Final Fantasy, Harvestella will likely be for you. And thanks to Nintendo, we’ve been given a nice long look at the game. Unsurprisingly, the game starts with the player character experiencing a bout of amnesia, as any good game does, throwing you into a world where the seasons are dictated by four huge crystals, which sounds like the usual kind of Final Fantasy affair.

Except uh oh! The fifth season, Quietus, or the season of death, is starting to spread throughout the world, leaving crops withered and dead. As the Treehouse Live quite rapidly explains, another big crystal drops from the sky, which is accompanied by an armoured fellow that the cast aren’t quite sure what to do with.

Most of the showcase is about the second chapter you’ll experience in the game though, and the various gardening activities you’ll be able to do. This where the Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon-like elements come into effect, where you can harvest, plant, and water crops.

Vegetables are familiar, though the obvious carrot substitute, carrop, takes on more of a fantasy flair. In a very similar fashion to Stardew Valley, there’s a little chest you can place all your crops into which will help you earn money at the end of the day too.

Of course, gardening isn’t the only thing you’ll be doing. Players can also head out on adventures with various party members to take on various monsters and complete numerous quests. Time is an important thing to keep track of too, as you might not be able to get everything done in one day if you don’t plan out your in-game day very well.

The stream more-or-less ends with a boss fight against a unicorn, as you do, which unlocks the mage class, once again some pretty standard JRPG action.

The full stream goes into some greater detail about the ins-and-outs of the game, and has some Splatoon 3 gameplay too if you fancy some squid-kid shenanigans.

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