Using Discord voice on Xbox is now a reality, even if the process is a bit clunky

Microsoft has officially rolled out support for Discord voice chat on Xbox Series X/S, as well as Xbox One. The new update comes just a few weeks after the feature went into Insider testing, and it’s now available for all players.

The main benefit of this is, of course, allowing cross-platform chat with Discord users on PC and mobile, but the implementation is not as seamless as you might imagine.

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The whole setup hinges on having the Discord mobile app. First, you’ll need to link your Discord account to your Xbox account. This is necessary, even if you previously linked the two, as there are new permissions you’ll need to give.

The Discord mobile app is how you’ll be using Discord chat on Xbox, which is the clunky bit. Essentially, what you’re doing is using it to transfer a session to your Xbox, and not directly using the Xbox app like you would any other.

The voice transfer process can also be done from Discord on desktop or web, provided the necessary permissions have been given. Once the audio has been transferred, you don’t need to have the Discord app open.

There are a few other limitations to keep in mind, too. Discord voice chat is separate from Xbox party chat, meaning you can’t use the Discord friends list to invite others to your game or do any of the other things you can do with Xbox friends.

You also can’t switch between voice channels on Discord, so you’ll have to do the transfer process again if you want to jump into a different channel. This isn’t a big deal on smaller servers, but the bigger communities with multiple lists of numbered voice channels can make that a pain.

Microsoft has helpfully prepared a neat support article that you should definitely consult before jumping in.

Previously, Discord only supported Rich Presence on Xbox consoles, which translated to transmitting the name of the game you’re playing to other Discord users.

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