Looks like Deathloop is set to release on Xbox relatively soon

It appears Arkane’s Deathloop is set to release on Xbox consoles rather soon if a pre-order ad popping up on Xbox is any indication.

Spotted by reddit user Immediate_Exercise27, the store UI clearly shows a Deathloop pre-order card.

The only thing is, when you click the option, it takes you to a blank store page. Still, this means you can probably expect the game to be available sooner rather than later, as the PlayStation exclusivity period is almost up.

We’ll be sure to let you know when it’s made official, so watch this space.

Deathloop was released a year ago today on PC and PS5, and critics and players both seemed to really, really like it. Our own Alex Donaldson gave it a 5/5 calling it a “thrilling, slick adventure, and Arkane’s best game yet.”

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