BiharMasti in: Download Bhojpuri Movie Mp3 Bhojpuri Album

BiharMasti in: Download Bhojpuri Movie Mp3 Bhojpuri Album

Many people keep searching on Google about BiharMasti. This article is very beneficial for those who are interested in Bhojpuri Gana, through this you will know how to download Bhojpuri Gana or Movies from

Gone are the days when people used to stand outside shops and take CDs to watch songs or movies, now everyone has a smartphone whether it is small town or village.

Ever since Jio Internet has arrived in India, everyone can easily enjoy Gana or Movies in their mobile, that too at affordable prices.

Today we will tell you about the very famous site without talking about the internet.

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What is BiharMasti in?

BiharMasti is a website from where people download Bhojpuri movies as well as all types of Bhojpuri Album Full HD Bhojpuri Video Songs and all types of Bhojpuri Mp3s.

The most important thing about this Bojpuri Moviewebsite is that here you do not get to see PopUp Adetc., which makes it easy for people to download movies or any kind of video from here.

But due to this being an Illegal website, it is not safe to download movies from here but still people use this website more.

BiharMasti in Website Details 2022

Website Biharmasti | Biharmasti in | Bihar masti | Bihar masti in

Started in – 2014-12-09
Content – Type Illegal Movie downloading website
Owner – Not known
Apk – (Biharmasti Apk download) Biharmasti APK (Biharmasti APP)
Telegram – Biharmasti Telegram
Traffic – 52k traffic per month (According to aherfs)

How To Biharmasti works?

We all know that every song as well as video requires a lot of talent, monetary finance and hard work of various actors and teams. They release their Song and Trailer for Audience.

It takes weeks and a few months to complete and launch a song and video. Producers and actors are eager to know the result of their hard work, which can only be determined by the sales of their songs.

But Piracy Sites issue a single track without the authority of the producers to get some money from the profit of internet traffic, hence, the original banner has suffered a huge loss.

Thus, a sane person can say that the way BiharMasti operates is completely illegal and also immoral.

This is a Promotional Website which is the most popular website of Bhojpuri Industry, on this website you can download Bhojpuri Gana and Videos at your own risk.

On Biharmasti’s website you will find videos of all ‘Bhojpuri’ and whenever any ‘Bhojpuri Gana’ is released, you can download the audio by visiting the ‘BiharMasti’ website.

The site owner has redirected the entire ‘’ domain to ‘’ so that ‘’ is getting the full benefit of ‘

How to download movie from biharmasti?

If you are thinking of downloading the movie for free, then you can download it by visiting the site of biharmasti, for which you may need a VPN.

Because these websites have been blocked in India so that users can access. If you are not able to open it.

So first of all, download VPN from Play store and after activating it, select any one country where this website is not sister, then now follow the steps given below.

It is worth noting that when you enter this website, you can get to see many types of ads.

From where the link to download is also given, so if you see any such message, cut it immediately, otherwise due to this virus can also come in your mobile and computer.

Download movies step by step

Step 1: First of all open in any one browser.

Step 2: Now choose any one movie from the category of your choice which you want to download.

Step 3: Now click on the Download Now button given below the movie.

Step 4: Many links will open here, check them one by one.

How to Download Biharmasti Bhojpuri Song

It is very easy to get Gane from this, which everyone can do, but still if you are not able to download Bhojpuri Mp3 Download then you have to follow the steps given below:-

Step 1. First of all you have to go to the website of Where you will get the menu of all types of songs as well as the list of songs which have been released in the same way will be given at the top.

Step 2. Whatever song you want to listen or download, type it in the given search bar or click on Direct Song.

Step 3. After doing this, complete information about the song will come on the Download Page. In which you have to click on ‘Download File’.

Step 4. As soon as you do this Song Download starts in your MobileComputerwhich you can enjoy listening to.

How to Download Bhojpuri Song From Google

You can take the help of Google to get whatever Bhojpuri Song you want to listen. If you want to know about how to download Bhojpuri Song from Google then you have to follow these steps :-

Step 1. After going to, you have to write the title of the Bhojpuri Songs that you want to download. After that type ‘BiharMasti’ in the last one.

Step 2. When you do this then the click of this famous Bhojpuri mp3 site will come at the top.

Step 3. After that you have to click on it, from where you will come to the ‘Bhojpuri song download’ page, in which you have to click on ‘download file’. After that it starts getting Song Download.

How to download Biharmasti App?

Follow these easy steps to download Biharmasti App:

Step 1: Visit Biharmasti App link: APK

Step 2: Then click on download button

Step 3: After clicking on the download button your download will start automatically.

Biharmasti Movie Download Telegram Channel

You all must know that Telegram Channel is so famous for Movie Downloading because we often hear from the mouths of people that we get all kinds of Movies Free on Telegram Channel and this is also true.

I am giving you the link of some such Telegram Channels below, using which you will not need to go to Pirated Websites like

You can download Full HD Bhojpuri Movie by using these Telegram Channels.

So if you have Telegram App in your phone then you can download any new or old Bhojpuri Movie from it:

BiharMasti Songs Categories

As we have already told you that in this Bhojpuri Site, you get all types of Bhojpuri Songs, no matter in which category you listen to the song.

For your convenience, we have given the list of Mp3 Menu on BihaMasti website, so that you will know which song you are going to get in it.

Bhojpuri Mp3 Menu

• Pawan Singh A To Z Mp3
• Khesari Lal Yadav A To Z Mp3
• Pramod Premi Yadav A To Z Mp3
• Ritesh Pandey A To Z Mp3
• Bhojpuri Movie Mp3
• Bhojpuri Album Mp3
• Bhojpuri Holi Mp3
• Bhojpuri Chaita Mp3
• Bhojpuri Bolbum Mp3
• Bhojpuri Navratri Mp3
• Bhojpuri Chhath Mp3
• Bhojpuri Festival Special Mp3
• Bhojpuri Alha Bhakti Mp3
• Bhojpuri Dj Remix Mp3
• Bhojpuri Vivah Geet Mp3
• Bhojpuri Dugola Mukabla Mp3
• Bhojpuri Nirgun Mp3
• Bhojpuri Video Menu
• Bhojpuri Movie Video
• Bhojpuri Album Video
• Bhojpuri Holi Video
• Bhojpuri Chaita Video
• Bhojpuri Bolbum Video
• Bhojpuri Navratri Video
• Bhojpuri Chhath Video
• Bhojpuri Stage Show
• Bhojpuri Movie Trailer
• Bhojpuri Full Movie

Movies Illegally Leaked by Biharmasti website?

This Torrent Website  has also leaked many movies made with big budget. There are some such movies which were leaked on the day of release.

Due to which it is the most favorite site of users in Bhojpuri in Movie Download. Below is the list of such Bhojpuri Movie which has been leaked by Biharmasti:

• Meri Jung Mera Faisla
• Marriage
• Jai Hind
• Crack Fighter
• Maine Unko Sajan Chun Liya
• Nirahua Chalal London
• Mandir Wahi Banayenge
• Lallu Ki Laila
• Sher Singh Lagal Raha Batash
• Rajtilak
• Patthar Ke Sanam
• Bhag Kesari Bhag

BiharMasti Alternative to Download Bhojpuri Movies

I am giving you the URLs of some websites below, which you can check in turn. Because the website that downloads movies is a pirated site, there is no guarantee that this site will be banned.

If BiharMasti  website is also banned then you can access the same website with the help of below given URL. But let me tell you again that all this is included in the list of a pirated site from where downloading movies is an illegal crime.

By using whatever website URL I have given above, you can download Bhojpuri Movie, Bhojpuri Video, Bhojpuri Song  very easily.

What are the top searched keywords in BiharMasti?

The most searched keywords in Biharmasti  were:

• biharmasti
• biharmasti in
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• bihar masti
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What Are the Best Legal Alternatives to Biharmasti in?

It is not that only illegal movie sites are available on the Internet, but Internet legal movie sites exist. Which you can watch movies very easily and without any hassle. And these sites buy the movie and show it to others. And also take small amount from people.

Due to which they also benefit and the filmmaker also gets the money for his hard work. The list of legal movies sites is given to you below. Which you must read and use.

• Disney+ Hotstar
• Amazon Prime Video
• MX Player
• Netflix
• ZEE5
• Jio Cinema
• Sony LIV
• Sun NXT
• Hoichoi
• Stage

In which format you can Download movies on BiharMasti?

• 360p
• 480p
• 720p
• 1080p
• HD Quality
• Dvd Rip
• Bluray

How does BiharMasti website earn money?

There is more than 1.4 million traffic on this website which comes from India 93.28%, Bangladesh 3.07%, Nepal 1.29%, United States of America 0.87%, France 0.74% and Google Adsense Ads also appear on this website. From this it can be guessed that this Bihar website earns a lot every month.

Is BiharMasti a Legal website?

BiharMasti is not an official site, due to which it is considered as an illegal website, you download any kind of Bhojpuri Movies from biharmasti website.

So you are committing a crime. And the biggest thing is that if you download Movies from these websites. So here your Privacy is at risk. And we never want our privacy to be threatened in any way

On behalf of my AKS team, you are advised to avoid these pirated sites and always follow any legal method to download any type of Bhojpuri Movies.

Is the Use of BiharMasti correct or not?

This site is not safe and it is written in the ‘Disclaimer’ of the website that if you use this site, then do it at your own risk.

And we would also like to tell through this post that if you ever download a song, then only do it from a trusted site like, etc.


Piracy is illegal and a punishable offense ASK opposes this Piracy. The purpose of this article is to provide you information only. Apart from this, do not promote or promote in any way these ‘Piracy’ and ‘Illegal’ activities. We have written this post for informat8ion only. Other than that we have no other purpose

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